Clare's story

I was a healthy 50 year old when I had my SCAD in 2016. I didn't initially realise I was having a heart attack but eventually went to hospital. Initially doctors were not worried, but blood tests done "just in case" showed
abnormalities and I had an angiogram which diagnosed SCAD. The doctors admitted they did not know a great deal about this condition and initially I felt rather abandoned. I was advised to make contact with the research
team in Leicester. I also made contact with BeatSCAD.

The research day was so very helpful and reassuring. 
On the research day I had scans, blood test and a follow up meeting to explain everything.  I was fortunate enough to be told I could stop my medication.  This also gave information for my own doctors, who I think also needed
the reassurance to be confident
to advise this.  I was updated on the recent research situation and how far it had progressed.

I was given a follow up appointment a year on and this too is very helpful.  It is my only contact and medical appointment I have for the condition as I am not under the General hospital.  I now have an annual appointment and
this is so very
helpful and reassuring to a patient with a rare condition.