Andrea's account of the SCAD survivors' trip to Pisa

Published Thu, 7 Dec 2017 by rj173

SCAD Survivors in Pisa

We arrived at the hospital all together at 9am and met the lovely professor Bruno

Then went to a part of the hospital where she explained everything that was going to happen Then we all got separated and started doing the various tests with her colleagues So the tests where 3 x blood pressure measurements in each arm

Ultrasound of the neck on both sides and artery on each arm (can’t remember the name of the artery)

Ultrasound of artery on groins, both sides

Then to another room she put in a cuff and inflated it for I think 5 minutes or so while looking at another ultrasound Then she dropped something under my tongue and did the same thing again to compare how the elasticity of the artery works in both situations

Then went upstairs to do the high frequency ultrasound where her colleague checked the artery on my middle finger, arm and neck, everything on left and right

Not sure if we all had the same

We were finished just before 1pm

Than prof Bruno bought us some lunch and we ate with the whole team

They are genuinely great people

The highlight for me was to spend some time with Sam, Sarah, Liz and their hubbies

The city is amazingly beautiful, everything is within walking distance of what we wanted to do

Traffic is mad, don’t expect vehicles to stop when you are on a zebra crossing or even on a green pedestrian light, so be extra cautious

Apart from that I have nothing negative to say

We had delicious foods too

This was my best hospital trip ever

What else can you wish for?