Christine's Story

Published Wed, 25 Oct 2017 by SCAD Admin

My SCAD occurred on 10 March 2011. I was 49.

I was pretty sure I was having a heart attack as I had pressure on my chest and weakness in my arms but no pain. At the time it happened I was gardening. MI was diagnosed after a couple of hours in A&E and blood test results came back. I was taken to Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital for an angiogram and a stent was fitted.

The MI was discussed with me at the time as 'unexplained'. I went through cardiac rehab on the premise that the heart attack was 'normal'. Six months later when I saw a specialist I was informed it was in fact SCAD. Six months after the event, I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid after complaining of palpitations. I paid privately to see a specialist nine months after the event as I was experiencing an ectopic beat which my GP thought was normal and not related to the MI. No cause could be found for the ectopic beat and the specialist also thought it was unrelated (although I had never experienced it before the MI).

This is where I am today. Still experience the ectopic beats. Before the MI, only health issue was depression and mild asthma.