Nikki's Story

Published Wed, 25 Oct 2017 by SCAD Admin

My SCAD happened 20 February 2012. We were on holiday in Canada visiting family and combining our trip with skiing. First resort, great family fun was had, and then moved on to Sun Peaks for next ski adventure. Skied again for two days feeling fine. The evening of the 19th I felt a bit off so retired early. Woke feeling fine and met my husband to photograph him doing some jumps, then we did a few runs together. Round two we went our separate ways. On my last run, about third of the way down, I started to have pains in my chest and lots of wind. I thought I had just skied too close after lunch. I have no tighten of chest or pain in arm. So I continued to finish the run. At the end of the run, I thought this is not right if this was indigestion it would be gone by now, so sought medical help.

In the medical centre my blood pressure was through the roof but ECG inconclusive so doctor said to be safe best to go to hospital. Due to complications I was airlifted as the road was blocked. In hospital a blood test confirmed a heart attack. As the hospital was in the middle of nowhere I had to wait till Wednesday to be transferred to a hospital two hours away for an angiogram... which showed a 60% tear of left coronary artery. Doctor said nothing he could do but leave alone and let it heal by itself. After a stay in hospital I was discharged and so a long journey home to UK.

Home at last with many questions and no answers as to why? No family history of any heart disease. So the road began....