Tracey C's story

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Tracey’s testimonial

I had a SCAD heart attack on 10th March 2015 at the age of 38. I remember explaining to NHS Direct that I had indigestion, sickness, hot and cold sweats and a pain which started in my right arm and quickly spread to my left arm, but quickly got to a point where I was unable to speak because I was unable to breathe properly.

The SCAD caused a blockage in my main coronary artery, stopping blood flow and a little before 8:00pm I suffered a cardiac arrest. The first response unit were able to resuscitate me after which I was taken to the Glenfield Hospital where I underwent a procedure to have a stent put in to help repair the damage caused to the main artery.

After waking the following morning I was greeted by Dr David Adlam who calmly explained what SCAD was and what had happened to me. It was reassuring to speak with someone with extensive knowledge in such a rare field of cardiology but who provided greatly needed reassurance, someone who in later stages did not dismiss my symptoms and was always prepared to listen.

I also saw Dr Abi Al-Hussaini who worked with Dr Adlam on the research team. Her understanding of the subject and willingness to investigate were second to none.

“I will always be grateful to the specialists in SCAD who have made this diagnosis an easier one to understand. This research must continue in order to educate those, including medical professionals, who have not heard about this condition. The quicker SCAD is diagnosed in a patient the easier and less invasive the treatment could be.”

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