Tracy's Story

Published Wed, 25 Oct 2017 by SCAD Admin

I am a 33 year old woman. I had SCAD on March 5th. It felt just as a Heart attack would. I had pain in my chest going down my left arm and down the left side of my throat. I awoke at half one in the morning with the pain. I thought it was heartburn as I have never had it before. I am very lucky to be alive as I took two aspirin to help with the pain and a heartburn remedy. I then don't remember much so think I must have passed out!

I awoke the next morning still in pain and very breathless. My husband came home early this day as he had an appointment at the hospital. I told him my symptoms and he said "I think that you have had a heart attack". He insisted I went to A and E whilst he went to his own appointment, so I did. I got there and they said they didn't think it was a heart attack. They did an ECG which showed my heart rate was OK. They took blood and it showed high levels of troponin. So I was rushed to another hospital to be checked.

Again ECG was fine. I was told in this A and E I had had a heart attack. I was put on a ward and monitored and they took more blood that showed my troponin levels had risen again. When I saw a consultant the following day they were convinced I hadn't had a heart attack so left me for four days before they performed an angiogram. This is when they discovered that I had SCAD, a massive blood clot had surrounded the artery and had given me a heart attack.

I am still healing now as it is only May, two months since my attack. I have no doctor that understands my condition. I have also had problems with the doctors believing I'm still getting pain. I did go back into hospital for a second angiogram which showed my SCAD is healing but has not healed yet. The pain I get now is the same pain I experienced after my heart attack and I'm hoping to be pain free soon. It would be nice to be able to see a doctor that could help me and also believe me. I am still experiencing the pain and would appreciate more support from my doctor. I hope this helps somebody else that has experienced SCAD, to know that you are not alone and that being in pain is part of it and it's not all in your head.